Easter - Changes Everything

Discovering how to actually LOVE GOD with all my SOUL...

Easter Services: Saturday, April 15 @ 5 PM and Sunday, April 16 @ 9AM and 10:30 AM

It's all about the Groom!

In most weddings that I've done or attended, the bride is the center of it all. This day is about her and that dress. You know that dress that has been thought about and purchased with great care and a few tears and a few doubts, but nonetheless - it was bought for a very special day. For most little girls this is the day that they've dreamed about all their life. They wanted to be that Princess that is loved by her Prince in shining armor...(some of us are not really that prince like...most of us grooms... have truly married up!)...Can a get an AMEN!

Anyway, the wedding day is about the BRIDE and just about everything has been leading up to the moment she walks down the aisle and all who have gathered stand and face her to pay their homage and demonstrate for her that she truly is the most important person in the room.

But for those of us in church...there is a danger! The danger is that we begin to treat our relationship with Jesus much like an American Wedding. You see, the danger comes when we begin to think that the CHURCH (the bride) is the most important and is the center of our attention - It's NOT! The church is not the most important group of people in the room. The Church isn't the center of attention and the church does not supersede the GROOM!

Jesus Christ, the GROOM, has gone to prepare a place for us...He has already accomplished his part of the WEDDING...it's now up to the BRIDE to prepare for the Return of the Groom. The church has been put into a place and has been given a great ministry - the ministry of reconciliation. As the church, the bride waits for her GROOM and the Wedding feast... we must realized that the church is not the most important thing about EASTER - You see Easter Changes Everything.

For the time has come for the wedding feast of the Lamb, and his bride has prepared herself. - Revelation 19:7-10

Easter Changes Everything...

Michael Frost in his book, Exiles, said: "It is impossible to love God apart from expressing that love physically and practically into the lives of our neighbors."

Jesus expressed his devotion to God, His Father, by obeying and following his direction and his commandments...As the bride of Christ, we are to do the same thing in our lives as Christians...if we are going to prepare ourselves for the GROOM, then we must learn what it means to LOVE GOD WITH ALL OF OUR HEART, MIND, SOUL and STRENGTH.

Come visit us at Richwood Church of Christ this Easter to learn more about the GROOM and how we can follow and learn to love like Jesus....Easter Changes Everything!

Easter isn't about what has already happened; Easter is about the work that still needs to be done. - Matthew Craig

Easter Services at Richwood Church of Christ: Saturday, April 15 @ 5 PM // Sunday, April 16 @ 9AM and 10:30 AM.