• Core Values

    We are guided by these six core values…

    What We Believe

    The Bible is our final authority

    People matter to God and therefore they matter to us. That’s why we desire to always live out the teachings of Jesus in our daily lives. The more we are like Jesus, the more we will be able to show people that they matter to God and to us. Being true to God’s Word is not always easy and it’s not always what the culture around us expects us to do – that’s why we should always come back to the fact that the Bible is our final authority in every situation and with every person.

    We are set apart for

    God's plan

    We desire to always be passionate about God’s plan for the world and we believe that God has "set apart" Christians to accomplish this plan. Luke 15 shares the importance of “seeking the lost” and “going after the 1.” It is our desire to BE THE CHURCH to ALL PEOPLE, no matter the consequence. We believe that God has set apart His followers to accomplish this Great Commission.

    We are guided by the

    Holy Spirit

    We understand that as we live our lives for Jesus, the Holy Spirit begins to transform our lives and the more we are guided and "keep in step" with the Spirit, the more we will be able to live as Christ. We believe that God desires an intimate relationship with every believer and works through every believer through the Holy Spirit. The Spirit helps guide us and direct us.

    God answers the prayers

    of His people

    People matter to God and therefore they matter to us. That's why we desire to be a praying church that is devoted to prayer. We don't want to just be a church that prays, but we believe that prayer is the lifeline of the church and a vital part of every disciple's relationship with God.

    We are members of the Body of Christ serving our community

    People matter to God and therefore they matter to us. That’s why we desire to always be united as the Body of Christ. As a united body we also know that God has gifted us to use our gifts, talents and resources for the glory of God and the growth of HIS KINGDOM. It is important for every believer to use his/her spiritual gifts for the growth of the church and the spread of the Good News. We believe that each person is uniquely gifted by the Holy Spirit to fulfill a specific and unique place within the “Body of Christ” as they serve the community to make disciples.

    We give because

    God gave first

    We desire to always be good stewards of every resource God has given us. We know that money, time, energy, family and personal hobbies all are important to people; as they should be. We also know that God has called us to live a life of generosity and to give to others with joy. The only way to truly do this is to be good stewards of God’s resources. We know that everything we have has come from God first (our time, our finances, our facilities, our gifts, our families, and our talents). They all belong to God and we have been given the opportunity to show that we can handle more. God desires that we use them wisely; and He promises to increase our talents if we do so.