• To inquire about this position please email or call the church office at:

    richwoodchurchofchrist@gmail.com, or (740) 943-3643 and direct inquiries to Craig Bradds

    RCC Student Minister

    Job Description

    The primary role of the student minister is to oversee the spiritual needs of our youth and the development of that ministry.


    Student Ministry

    -Oversee theologically sound teaching during each Sunday morning and evening youth group for grades 6-12

    -Develop, train and equip volunteers to teach and lead

    -Develop student leaders

    -Plan, oversee and evaluate all components of the Student Ministry curriculum, worship, retreats, camps and events

    -Regularly communicate with the Senior Minister when there are needs

    -Regularly communicate with the Senior Minister regarding continuous improvement of the Student Ministry

    -Plan and manage the Student Ministry budget for the continuous improvement of the student’s experience



    -Develop personal and ministerial goals for the Student Ministry

    -Ability to preach is a plus but not a requirement

    -Attend staff meetings each week with other staff members

    -Ability to communicate with other staff, students and parents

    -A degree in youth ministry but not a requirement

    -Experience in leading student ministry




    -Must be a baptized believer

    -Must believe that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God and supports the Bible from cover to cover

    -A desire to lead and to learn

    -Must agree to the Theological statements of the church as found on the website and provided in a Statement of Faith


    Personal Growth

    -Gives attention to your own walk with Christ through daily Bible study and prayer