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    Welcome to Richwood Church of Christ Women's Ministry. We're so glad you're here.

    Please take some times to learn of all the opportunities RCC has to offer women of all ages in and around the Richwood community.

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  • Bible Studies

    A little stronger everyday

    We offer several ladies bible studies throughout the year on various days and times. These studies are a great place to meet other women, be mentored in the faith, and grow in the knowledge of God's Word.


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  • Current & Upcoming Bible Studies

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    What Love Is

    (Kelly Minter)

    A 7-Session Study.

    This study not only reveals the heart of John but also the heart of Jesus.

    The Letters of 1, 2 & 3 John were written to encourage followers of Jesus to remain faithful to the truth. Believers are challenged to look at contrasting themes such as walking in the light instead of darkness, truth versus lies and deception, loving God more than loving the world, and the meaning of true fellowship and community rather than shallowness.


    RCC Fellowship Hall

    July 11 - August 15

    9:30 - 11:00 a.m.

    (workbook fee is $13.99)


    (Beth Moore)

    A 10-Session Study.

    The Old Testament story of Esther is a profile in courage and contains many modern parallels for today's overloaded and stressed woman.

    Esther, while a queen, lived as an outsider in a hostile environment. Women will learn strong lessons of faith, providence, and hope to equip them to live courageously "for such a time as this."


    RCC Fellowship Hall

    September 16 - November 18

    9:30 - 11:00 a.m.

    (workbook fee is $15.99)



    No More Perfect Moms (Jill Savage)

    A 9-Session Study

    In her new book, No More Perfect Moms, author, speaker, and Hearts at Home founder, Jill Savage, brings hope and clarity for every mom who’s wondered what is wrong with her. Using powerful stories and illustrations, Savage talks heart-to-heart to women about what it means to trade the ideal of the perfect mom for the reality of a mom who lives an authentic, honest, God-inspired life.


    RCC Fellowship Hall

    September 17 - November 5

    6:30 - 8:00 p.m.

    (workbook fee is $9.00)

  • Upcoming Events

    Let's Walk!



    This event has been postponed. We will try to reschedule soon.

    Bring a picnic lunch for you (and your family) to Richwood Lake Park in Richwood, Ohio. We will meet in the shelter house at noon for a time of fellowship, friendship, and fun.


  • Psalm 139 Women

    Grace & Fellowship

    This is a ladies brunch that meets twice a year. The main focus is to

    provide a time of strengthening and encouragement for women.

    We invite you to join us for a time of devotion, great food, and an opportunity to meet new friends.

    Next Brunch Date

    Saturday, September 19, 9:00 a.m.

    RCC Fellowship Hall


    You can sign up below or at RCC's Welcome Center.



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